Let me tell you about my life on an Swedish island right in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Gotland. Since I am a Happy Apple User, I also like to write about that!

Stenstrominfo has got our first job in California!

Yesterday evening the deal was set: Stenstrominfo are going to create a homepage for Bender Optometric Group in California. Stenstrominfo is a small company in Sweden. Actually, we live and work on Gotland, Sweden’s biggest island right in the middle of the Baltic Sea. How come we got a job offer from California? Well, we […]

Wonderful couple singing at gas station

I think this is a terrific idea! Who needs money when we can start to pay with singing?

S:t Olofsholm

We took a trip to S:t Olofsholm with fresh baked blueberry pie.It was nice and sunny by the bunker. The wind power plant at Smöjen by the horizon. Traces from the stone industry. This blue anemorte is a bit blurry, but I like it. It’s like silk paper or frosted glass. Smart ”book” that are […]

Let Tim Cook do his job!

I think the market behaves like a spoiled kid when talking about Apple. Nagging and complaining and poor Tim Cook is becoming more of a target for their complaints than appreciated for the work he does. I hate it when people complain without having a fair suggestion of how ”whatever it is” could be done […]

Where minds meet

I have a book called Where Minds Meet by Kathleen Kelley Reardon. I must admit that I haven’t read the book properly but I like the title (but now when I googled her and found her blog, I had to bookmark it, because she has some interesting things to say – read it!). Where do minds […]

Happy Apple shareholders!

Something happened with the Apple shares today. Suddenly the price started to climb up again. When I write this blogpost it’s about ten dollars increase since yesterday and if you look back one year it’s not such a big event – but if you look back to one week ago, it’s something in the economic […]

This is getting sillier for every day…

When I bought my Apple shares in January 2012 I didn’t expect the price to rise as much as it did. I was really amazed but also happy of course. But then things started to change by the autumn and we all know that the price is back to January 2012 once more. This year […]

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