Let me tell you about my life on an Swedish island right in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Gotland. Since I am a Happy Apple User, I also like to write about that!

Same, same, but different, Mac-PC, iOS-Android… here we go again…

A long time ago, in the 90’s, we produced and sold teaching materials covering the subjects of typography and layout, together with how to use PageMaker. We taught methods and theory at a basic, but very functional level. We had customers all over Sweden and unfortunately we had to sell to PC-users even though we […]

Apple is doing just fine!

Yesterday it was time for Apple’s FQ3 Earnings report. I think it was just like what to be expected, if you are a sane person and not like a small and scared sardine in a big shoal of fish swimming around in the ocean watching out for sharks and changing direction every time one of […]

Wonderful day at the beach!

We had a terrific day at the beach today. We started with eating shrimp sandwiches at Lergravs Fisk. Then we drew to Smöjen which was the goal for today. Oh how I longed to go there! It’s an amazing, beautiful beach and all the wind power plants and limestone quarries creates a very special atmosphere. […]

Brain Wave – an app that actually works!

I have had migraine since I was a kid and it got worse during puberty. During my whole adult life I have had chronic, daily migraine. More or less migraine every day – except for during my pregnancy. I have tried so many different medicines, natural remedies and treatments that I can’t count them all… […]

Apple WWDC 2013 – Thank you Tim and Jony!

Dear Tim Cook and Dear Jony Ive,I’m so happy! I think you presented some really good news yesterday at the opening of WWDC 2013. I wrote this wish list March 12, 2013 and I have written my current comments in italic: ————————————————————– What do I expect from Apple during 2013? Some new models of MacBooks, iPhones […]

Students from Chapman University visited Gotland

I had the pleasure to welcome sixteen students from Chapman University, Orange County California, to  Gotland. They are on the tour Business in Scandinavia led by Niklas Myhr and Clas Wihlborg. They started in Stockholm, then came to Gotland for two days (June 6–8), are now in Gothenburg and will end their tour in Copenhagen. […]

A trip to Tjaukle

(If you click on a picture you can watch all the pictures as a slideshow) Today we took a trip to Tjaukle, a place in the middle of Gotland  where I never been before. Roine carried the rug sack with  our lunch and we found a nice table to sit by. In Sweden we call this […]

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