Wonderful day at the beach!

We had a terrific day at the beach today. We started with eating shrimp sandwiches at Lergravs Fisk. Then we drew to Smöjen which was the goal for today. Oh how I longed to go there! It’s an amazing, beautiful beach and all the wind power plants and limestone quarries creates a very special atmosphere.

– And it’s so practical too, I said while we were getting out of the car to go down to the beach. It’s such a short distance between the beach and the parking lots.

I took this nice picture of Tourist Roine and then we went down to the beach and, well, I don’t know… Are we getting old or what? To start with it was difficult to find a good spot to lay my bast mat on because of the beach sloping. I don’t remember that from earlier visits here? The special mixture of small, pebble stones and sand, ouch it hurts my feet! If you want to walk on this beach you need special shoes and if you have put them on, keep them on when you go for a swim, because, ouch… slippery stones with the size of eggs are in the sea. They hurt my feet too. It’s also difficult to go out in the sea and also to go back up on the beach. I was also going to take a walk by the water’s edge but, it’s almost impossible! The special sand has such a strange consistency that you sink down for every step. Oh my God, I’m so whining!

– Maybe we should go to Slite?

We drew to Slite. Nice and comfortable sandy beach. Clean water and soft sandy sea bottom. The water was even warm enough to swim in! Everything at the beach was perfect and the view is beautiful with the islands outside and the old café at the end of the beach. Afterwards it was perfect to be able to shop some groceries at the store in Slite.

The funniest comment at the beach, a dad said suddenly, with a loud voice:
– This is the last time we go to Gotland. It’s too bloody hot here! (He was joking of course, but I think we were more than one person that got a small shock before we realized he was joking)

Cutest on the beach: a girl with a special bath sheet. I mean, is there any child that doesen’t look too cute in those kind of bath sheet creations?

Most curious at the beach: A young Black-Headed Gull that was searching for food in the sand, like crackers, crumbles, pieces of hot dogs and and such. It walked so close to the people that I expected a close encounter. It returned many times to the same area and continued it’s daring walks.