Bendgate? Or just nonchalant iPhone users?

Today I stood in an office with seven persons. We came to talk about iPhone 6 and the buzz around that it’s possible to bend it. Everyone laughed. Did they laugh at Apple? No. They laughed at the stupid users who buy a high tech item that is deliciously designed to fit the highest standards and then puts in the backpocket of their jeans, sits on it and complains because it bends.

We talk about an item that some people consider to be a luxury item and one woman in the room said ”Hey, my iPhone is a little computer, my most important work tool!”

Many use snuff in Sweden and they put their snuffbox in their pockets. There is a big difference between a snuffbox and an iPhone. In fact it’s an insult to both the iPhone and Apple to put an iPhone in the back pocket. To do that and then sit on it is plain stupid.

My wishes for the next iPhone

Every day I see new articles about the iPhone 6 which is not launched and probably won’t be launched earlier than August – according to the rumors. This basic fact doesn’t stop people from writing about what the new iPhone will be like. The bigger screen size is by now like a fact, even though we haven’t actually seen the new iPhone. But, of course, we have seen pics of a couple of mock-ups that is supposed to show what the iPhone will look like.

I’m really not that interested in those kind of details. I’m more interested in features and there are a couple of things that feels like ”it has to come soon”.

A way to pay with your iPhone

When I sell books at an event I use iZettle for payments. People can pay with their card and a PIN code, or pay me in cash. The receipt is sent to the customers e-mail. When I want to send money to a friend, I usually do it with Swish. You register for the Swish payment service, which means that your mobile number will be connected to your bank account. So all I need to know about my friend is that she or he has registered for Swish and then I just send the money to her or his mobile number.

So far I think Swish works only with the Swedish bank system – which brings up the subject of the American bank system: how come you guys over there in that big country with so much innovation going on, still can’t use bank services as easy as we do it in Sweden? I mean, I can even manage my bank account on my iPhone… and it’s not even a new thing.

Siri for more languages

Come on Apple, it sucks that we can’t use use Siri in Swedish! I can speak English, but that doesn’t help when you ask Siri to call up someone with a Swedish name and such. It’s too silly if I have to figure out how an English speaking person would pronounce a Swedish name…

iCloud and Apple ID

Please Apple, make it easier for the average user to understand how it works! I am an Apple coach for a couple of persons and my experience that they don’t really get how neither iCloud nor Apple ID works. Well, this is of course a question for all of Apple’s devices.

iMessages and FaceTime 

This is of course connected to the part above, iCloud and Apple ID. When someone sends me a message all my devices go crazy… When someone wants to FaceTime with me, it’s crazy again. I get it, it’s splendid that I have access to both iMessages and FaceTime from all my devices, but what if a device could sense that the other devices are close to it and therefor it would just start the message alarm on the one device that is active.

I mean, Facebook’s messenger app doesn’t behave so crazy and what’s more, no matter from where I check my Facebook messages, I can always reach them from any device. iMessages has this annoying thing of not showing the last conversation from my iPhone on my computer for example. Not until that conversation will go active again because I or the other person sends a new message, can I see the full conversation on my computer.

Well, that was all for now!

Apple does it again – excellent service!

I’m a Happy Apple user and since 1989 there has only been a few occasions when I had to contact the Apple support. They have handled everything fine and once they really shocked me in a positive way. The screen of my iBook stopped working. I live on the island of Gotland, right in the middle of the Baltic sea. The only city is Visby and I live in Kappelshamn, 43 kilometers north of Visby.

They sent a car to pick up my iBook on a Tuesday, before lunch. Then I could follow how my iBook went by plane to Stockholm then Amsterdam. To my big surprise, the car came back on Thursday, before lunch and delivered my iBook! Two days. I had prepared myself to be without the iBook for at least a week.

This is the kind of stories I tell people and I always recommend people to buy Apple products. I even earn some money as being an Apple coach for those who needs a helping hand when they change from PC to Apple. One of my clients that started to use Apple two years ago has been very happy and for the first time he decided to learn how his computers and devices works and he’s not afraid to try to do things on his devices, like he was before.

He bought a new iPad mini in December, went on vacation and accidentally broke the glass screen… When he was back in Sweden I recommended him to contact the Apple Support online. So he did and to start with it seemed to work out fine, but then it evolved into a really terrible story of bad customer support. I won’t give you the details, but it was so bad, that when my client told me about it I felt that I had to do something. I couldn’t think of anything else but writing a mail to Tim Cook. I didn’t expect him to answer or do anything special, it was more that I thought he ought to know about this bad treatment.

The next day I got a phone call, ”Hello, I’m calling because of the mail you sent to Tim Cook…” Oh? I got really surprised and happy. I told the man about what had happened and he wanted me to ask my client if it was okay if he contacted my client. And of course it was okay.

Today my client mailed me and told me that the issue was solved and he didn’t have to pay anything.

I am so happy. My trust in Apple is restored. I will for sure continue to recommend Apple’s devices to everyone. It means a lot to know that Tim Cook actually payed attention to the mail I wrote.

Ideas, inventions and Apple.

Yesterday Apple announced financial results for its fiscal 2014 first quarter ended December 28, 2013. They are splendid and magnificent as usual. Lot’s of experts write about Apple and some of them is quite reasonable, but others have the most peculiar expectations and suggestions of what Apple should do and they usually complain about Apple not being innovative enough and also not visualizing their future development as much as those experts want them to.

Me, I’m like a question mark when I read articles of the latter kind.

Who is it that truly wants Apple to speak out loud, in advance, about their plans? I think it would be a disaster if they started to talk about their plans in public. Don’t they have enough problems with copycats all ready, why give away ideas to copycats before it’s time to launch the products?

When it comes to innovations, Apple is the master. Apple is innovation from it’s heart. We have absolutely no reason to doubt that Apple is working on fantastic innovations that we don’t yet know about. Some people complain about Apple not being innovative and then even defines what innovative is: ”to produce an iPhone with a bigger screen”. Eh? Maybe Apple will produce an iPhone with a bigger screen, but that doesn’t exactly count as an innovation if you ask me.

It’s no point for people outside Apple to decide what ”innovation” they should come up with. It’s just plain stupid. Also, a lot of time, the things people refer to as the wanted innovations, are not even innovations, they are more like ideas.

Apple’s thing is to come up with new, revolutionizing concepts that change our behavior. They don’t just sell devices, they sell concepts, behavior systems that we, the users of Apple devices implant in our lives.

It’s easy to come up with ideas. People come up with ideas all the time. It’s not difficult to think out new ideas. It’s difficult to make ideas work. To come up with ideas that work and give economic revenue is even harder. To get the right people to get together and start to work towards the same goal: to make the idea real, is another stepping stone. And so on. You have to solve a lot before we can talk about an innovation

When people complain about Apple not being inventive enough, I can’t understand what they expect from Apple? Really, anyone that thinks that Apple is not inventive enough has their freedom to show Apple what it’s like to be inventive! Go ahead, just do it, how hard can it be?

It’s not like Apple are experiencing hard times and they are not even expecting hard times. On the contrary, the iPhone has just entered the Chinese market and other parts of the world is following. Apple is for sure cooking up something behind their walls and when the time is right, the true innovations will be revealed to the world.

I trust Apple to continue to be innovative and to plan their future. I don’t want them to talk about neither their innovations nor their secret plans in advance. When they start to reveal their secrets in advance, that will be the day to start to worry and sell every Apple share…

Apple’s next innovation will be, eh, MacBooks?

There’s a lot of talk going on about Apple and what will become their next innovation. The pressure to deliver innovations get harder and harder for every year. Apple’s shareholders are very demanding and it sometimes seems like anything except miracles are regarded on as disappointments…

The buzz is about an iWatch or some new solution for TV, together with spy reports with pictures of new product details that comes from the ”next iPhone” and so on. There’s also some talk about a new, large iPad and I really hope that rumor is true.

But, we don’t hear much about the MacBooks. What will the next generation of MacBooks be like? We got a mind-blowing cylindric MacPro the autumn 2013. We also got big upgrades on iWork. It’s about time to get new models of the MacBook as well.

Horace Dediue writes:

But the bigger story is how Apple’s mobile platform has nearly reached the sales volume of Windows. In 2013 there were only 1.18 more Windows PCs than Apple devices sold. Odds are that in 2014 they will be at parity.

If you look at this graph from his blog Asymco, you can see that Macintosh (Apple’s computers) have just a small part of the amount of devices that Apple has sold.

I am sure that Apple wants to expand and gain more market shares also when it comes to computers. iPads and iPhone are fantastic devices, but most people need computers to do their work. The thing is: once someone has bought their first Apple device, they kind of want one more and then another. I think it often starts with that someone buys an iPhone.

Another trend is BYOD, Bring Your Own Device. It has been going on for a couple of years now and like Horace writes, the center for decision has moved from the IT departments to the individual user. The result is that more people are free to choose what they like and in a lot of cases it means Apple devices.

Therefore I think that the next big wave of development for Apple is not  TV-solutions or watches. I think they will start to sell a new generation of MacBooks that will be so delicious that everyone wants one. It seems like they are starting to revolutionize the MacBook in many ways and the last week we have seen evidence of a patent for flexible display device and a pressure sensitive touchpad. I think that we are getting closer to a MacBook without a keyboard… actually I started to think about that during the autumn 2010, so it’s not a new thought. Physical keyboard means more parts that can go broken. I always wear out my keyboard with my nails. It’s time for a touch board also on the MacBook.

Though, we won’t know what it will look like until we know. But I’m convinced that a new generation of MacBooks are an important part of establishing a solid market share filled with people that will use their Apple devices for work as well as private. The competitors need to work a lot smarter in order to challenge the growing success of Apple.