Limit the number of choices and free creativity!

I laughed when I read the article ”Friday Night Fights: What’s Better? The 3.5-Inch iPhone or Android’s 4+ Inch Superphones?”. The Android guy, Vincent says:

”Why limit yourself to once choice? With that mentality, you mine as well live in a world with one phone, one screen size, one look — you mine as well own an Apple.”

The way PC-persons seems to think is that multiple choices are always better than few choices, no matter what the choices are about. I find that very amusing. How can they ever get anything done? Multiple choices are good at certain situations, but in a lot of other situations it’s better to strive for simplicity in some ”basic building bricks” in order to free your spirit and energy so that you can release your creativity and create something magic, beautiful or awesome.

In the beginning of the 90’s my little company published DesktopSkolan/the DesktopSchool. It was about basic typography and layout combined with PageMaker. We taught how to work in an effective way with good results on a basic level. We wanted people to not just ”play around” with all the possible choices in PageMaker, but to learn how to make the choices that makes your work easier and better. We believed, and I still believe, that if you learn some basic rules for typography and layout, then you will understand the basics and then you can start to create more freely.

Our customers were both PC-users and Mac-users. We got a lot of questions from the PC-users and I found it rather sad that their questions was about ”computer stuff” like ”how can I get these fonts in my computer?”. They had so many hinderance to get over before they could start to learn from our books. When we got questions from Mac-users (which didn’t happen often) they asked about the subject, like ”can you explain how you count to get the right space between the paragraphs?”

When I read this article about iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen and Android’s 4 inch screen it reminds me of our customers in those days. If you read the article yourself you will understand why life gets so much easier with the iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen. The size is chosen carefully. One of it’s most important features is that you can use an iPhone with one hand. The picture shows the radius from a thumb on both screens (The picture was originally from Dustin Curtis blog). I’ve read at least two articles written by persons who have tried to use Samsung Galaxy with the big screen and they didn’t like that they had to use two hands. It seems to be an annoying feature.

But, the article also points out that it’s more difficult to develop apps for Android than iPhone, because the developers have to make sure that their apps works on every available screen size.

”First of all, the number of different display sizes available on the Android platform is just another element that exacerbates the operating system’s notorious fragmentation problems.”

Imagine that you are an app developer with a great idea and then comes the part with the multiple screen sizes… The app that works great on one size, now has to be adjusted to work on several other sizes as well and somewhere there will come up more problems and this app developer will have to put a lot of time and effort to make the app work on every screen size. Time that instead could have been used to make the app’s function better. Time that could have been filled with lust to innovate becomes time for irritation and frustration. It’s bound to be more bugs in the apps during these circumstances.

Compare with an app developer that only works with iPhone… I imagine that it would be much easier to create an app during more simplified circumstances. Easier and more fun. Fun is important.

Free, multiple choices are not equal to fun when it comes to smartphones. But, as we know from years of experience PC-users seems to be more into building their own computers than actually use them… Android is of course a natural development from that. I am perfectly content with a carefully chosen size of the screen for my iPhone and then I can have my multiple choices when it’s time to choose apps. And that’s why I am an Apple-fan.

Drawing on my iPad?

I have discovered that I like to sit with my iPad on the couch and draw and paint. I use my Wacom Bamboo Stylus and the app ArtSet. I have tested some other apps as well, but it’s still not possible to draw with precision with the stylus I use and as far as I know there’s still no app that is not even close to my favorite software Corel Painter, so I am content with just ”daub” with paint. And I have not tested to print the images, so I don’t know how good the printing quality is.
But the point is that I really like to sit with my iPad and my stylus and paint. It’s very relaxing. When the day comes when someone has made a real quality art app, like an iPad version of Painter, then I will even be able to work professionally with the iPad. That would be so cool!
The picture? Well, one of all the hearts I paint. This one is like inverted. It’s a heart that has lost it’s power, but is surrounded with love.