Apple WWDC 2013 – Thank you Tim and Jony!

Dear Tim Cook and Dear Jony Ive,
I’m so happy! I think you presented some really good news yesterday at the opening of WWDC 2013.

I wrote this wish list March 12, 2013 and I have written my current comments in italic:


What do I expect from Apple during 2013?

  1. Some new models of MacBooks, iPhones and iPads. We still don’t know about that. 
  2. Fresh new version of iWork! It’s about time we get a good and well thought-out version of that incredible, enjoyable software. Yes! The new iWork for iCloud looks promising. One cool thing is that also PC-users will be able to use iWork and when they start doing that, MS Office will get a dangerous competitor, because iWorks is much more fun to use and produces better results in most cases.
  3. Making it easier to use Apple ID and iCloud, build in better solutions for sharing documents with others. No more confusing messages during updates or installations… Hm? I don’t know about that, but I really hope that will be part of the news in fall.
  4. New design for the iOS User Interface. Jony Ive – I hope you will come up with something delicate! Yes, yes, yes! Jony Ive you did it! Thank you! The new iOS 7 is SO cool!
  5. New, cool devices! Yes of course, we are getting curious: what are you Apple guys working on? Is it the iWatch, the Apple TV solution or what? Surprise me! YES! Who would ever have expected a round Mac Pro and because it’s Apple it’s not just round because it looks good – when they showed this beautiful item you could also see that the air circulation benefits from this and it will also get easier to plug in cables when you can turn it around.
  6. Continue to sell all over the world. I expect them to grow fast on markets in China and India, but also to grow on other markets of course. Hm, well it seems that India has started to buy a lot of iPhones and it seems like Apple is adjusting their OS to China’s social media Sina Weibo so it’s obvious that they really want to expand on those markets. I will follow this development with great interest.
  7. Expand their market shares in working places like schools, healthcare, factories, aircraft – well every kind of working place I can think of. Yesterday I read that SKF in Sweden has ordered 10.000 iPads (in Swedish, sorry!) for their sales persons. That’s one of the signs that tells me that working places all over Sweden and probably also the world are demanding iPads. If you ask me, we have only seen the beginning of this trend.
  8. To pay their dividends and maybe increase them a little? Yes, they have increased the dividends. Thank you Apple!
  9. I finish with my special, personal wish: Please Mr Tim Cook, give me a BIG iPad, an iPad Pro! I would love to work with a bigger touchscreen when I create ideas! Okay, I’m very happy with what you have showed me so far Apple, but where’s my big iPad Pro? I see no signs of that and I really, really wish that you work on this product.


I have to mention the new OS X Maverick, but it was more a logic consequence from other parts of Apple’s development than a really new innovation (sorry Apple guys, just my impression, no offense…) Though it is very good that you will get iCloud Keychain for your passwords, iBooks on your computer (with a lot of cool features), multiple displays that will even include your TV, and I also like the possibility to tag file – I have gotten used to that using Evernote.

One of the best things during the opening of WWDC 2013 was that the audience was so enthusiastic and really showed that they love and respect Tim Cook. He’s so worth it. He has had a tough challenge to fill up the stage after Steve Jobs left us.

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