Let Tim Cook do his job!

I think the market behaves like a spoiled kid when talking about Apple. Nagging and complaining and poor Tim Cook is becoming more of a target for their complaints than appreciated for the work he does.

I hate it when people complain without having a fair suggestion of how ”whatever it is” could be done in a better way. When it comes to Apple it’s hard to come up with such suggestions because they work behind closed doors. I think it’s a good achievement of Apple to keep on working on those innovations, products and services behind those closed doors, like they do, considering the pressure from those impatient dogs that barks outside.

I mean, what good is it in launching a product before it’s good enough to be launched? Apple had it’s map failure half a year ago and at the same time the iPhone 5 did not have enough of new features to please those barking dogs. So, why should Apple risk to do something like that again? I am sure that I will never get in the same position as Tim Cook, but if I woke up in a miracle fairytale and actually found myself to be the CEO of Apple tomorrow I am absolutely sure of one thing and that is that I would not launch any products before they are ready. Simple as that.

I think Apple show that they have high integrity in doing their own business in the way they believe are the best way to do it. If you have any complaints on that, well, then nothing stops you from starting your own business and show the world how it should be done.

By increasing dividends and buybacks Apple has made an effort to satisfy those barking dogs but also to give back to the shareholders, which is fair. I think that it takes a lot to make those barking dogs satisfied and I’m sure that Apple has to focus on other tasks that are more important.

At the same time I think that Apple’s policy for communicating with their customers and the stock market needs to change, because the expectations have changed but also because the possibility to invest in relationships with the customers and the market has changed and if Apple doesn’t start to work more on their relations in social media – there are so many other companies that will. Since I blogged about this the first time I get more confident in that opinion for every day.

When I think of how great they are at building relations with the customers face to face in the Apple Stores it gets even more strange that we don’t get that online. Also, we are a lot of people that really love Apple and would be proud to be able to help. In the 90’s Guy Kawasaki got famous being and Apple evangelist. The way to do it 2013 is to spread the message with the help of Apple enthusiasts and I think it would be easy to arrange that.

I so wish that Tim Cook would read this…

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