Happy Apple shareholders!

Something happened with the Apple shares today. Suddenly the price started to climb up again. When I write this blogpost it’s about ten dollars increase since yesterday and if you look back one year it’s not such a big event – but if you look back to one week ago, it’s something in the economic debate climate that has changed.

Today people laugh at Samsung. Poor Samsung who just launched their new Big Galaxy S 4 and guess what, after a years complaining about Apple not being innovative enough, it’s Samsung’s time to get the complaints. It seems Samsung tries to do what tech people always have done before Apple entered the scene: they invent technical features that the average customer or user doesn’t really care about. They do it just to be able to add another feature to the list, not to make life better for the user.

This is what I read in today’s reviews, so I haven’t tried out a Samsung Big Galaxy S 4 myself.

Still, it’s kind of funny that this should be enough to get the Apple share price increase. I guess we are a lot of people who has waited for the day to come when Apple starts to climb up again and we can’t yet be sure that this is the turning point, but let’s hope so.

I read one interesting comment on Seeking Alpha, by ”scott trader”:

”maybe just maybe samclone doesn’t know where the puck is heading because of aapl using other new suppliers….”

Actually this is exactly what is bound to happen at some point. It’s obvious that Samsung has not only been one of Apple’s suppliers, but also a shameless copycat and since Apple has started to buy their parts from other suppliers, Samsung can’t get their usual sneak peek and inspiration from Apple’s innovation before the products have been launched. Now they have to stand in line and wait for Apple to launch their products like the rest of the world…

If that’s the reason to why Samsung Big Galaxy S 4 disappointed the market, then I think Samsung has yet a lot of disappointments to come. Because, Apple creates products that are grounded in humans, not in tech. Apple is about design and function built to make a difference. Samsung can’t copy that.

And, by the way, it seems like Samsung shares dropped today…

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  1. scott trader
    scott trader says:

    Hi …glad you saw and used the comment from Seeking Alpha…..Since I am a pathalogical optimistic Apple bull I do tire of the continuous prolific thievery by Samsung of Apples innovative R and D…best wishes Scott….


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