Apple Store in Sweden and Maps

Since we are Apple-fans we had to take the first chance to visit the Apple Store that opened in Täby Centrum September 15. We couldn’t be there at the opening day, but September 21 we managed to go to the mainland.

Three days before the opening of the Apple Store – which is the first Apple Store in Sweden – it was an Apple Event when they launched the iPhone 5 and the day before we took the ferry to Nynäshamn the updates for both iOS and OS was available. One of the new features in iOS6 is that the original app with Google Maps now has been replaced with Apple Maps, which of course haven’t had as much time as Google Maps to gather all the needed information. That’s why people started to complain because they found faults at once. In Sweden it seems like Gothenburg and Vara didn’t appear on the map for example, but I think they solved it immediately, because when I checked both towns were on the map. A lot of people thought that one couldn’t trust Apple Maps, so of course we had to test it!

We started the trip in Sorunda, south of Stockholm, early on the Friday heading for Täby Centrum. We did have a common gps in the car, but it chose to get broke on this day, so I picked up Apple Maps at once. After a couple of minutes Roine stopped the car to start his TomTom-app, that is an app with a gps-system and it’s technic is also part of Apple Maps. We used both apps parallel, though I shut down the sound on mine.

We found out that both the apps found the way, no difference. I thought that the instructions maybe was a little bit easier to understand on Apple Maps, but there were really no practical difference, except one thing: in TomTom you can chose to avoid road tolls. You can’t do that in Apple Maps. So far. I assume that this feature will come.

When we reached Täby Centrum we started at a café. Like a mental preparation. Then we went to Apple Store and wow: we were there!

Apple is not a company that only produces and sells computers and other electronical devices and Apple Store is not only a store that sells stuff. Everything about Apple is well thought-out and goes together. It’s a philosophy, a wish to make difference, to create a wholeness with design and function, to simplify, to create a fantastic user experience, to encourage creativity and support productivity and to find a way to charge that both customers and content developers can benefit from. Their idea is not to sell with low prices. Instead they set their prices high enough to be able to deliver quality also when it comes to support and service. Which in the long run also is good for the customer.

Apple Store is part of what we pay for. The access to the fantastic staff, Apple Genius, who treats the customers with personal engagement and offers courses in the store. To me it was happiness to enter this learning environment. Even if I might not use this possibility by myself, it’s a good feeling in my heart to know that others can participate at those courses. We saw a group with older persons sitting around a table learning how to use iPhones with their laptops.

Afterwards I said to Roine: ”Imagine how often we come to places where we think that they don’t use the available technic as good as they should. I think that Apple Store is the first place I have been to where I haven’t felt that I want to change their way to use the technic. ”

For example, the staff walked around with an iPhone with special equipment so that they could register a customer or make the payment directly, anywhere in the store. With the result that they had no people standing in line.

We bought just some small things like EarPods and funny iPhone shells. We went home with even more positive feelings for Apple as a company, then we had before.

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