The verdict was in Apple’s favor. Of course.

Since I like Apple I am aware of that there are a lot of lawsuits about patent infringements, but at the same time I haven’t got enough technical knowledge to understand the details. The largest lawsuit of them all, with Apple versus Samsung and also Samsung versus Apple is however of another dimension. Thanks God the jury made the verdict that Samsung has copied Apple’s iPhone on purpose. By some reason the verdict was not the same for the iPad?

I have written about Apple and the copycat Samsung before in my blog.

To me it’s obvious that Samsung has copied Apple in a way that seriously damages their rights as innovators and originators. How hard can it be? You can chose to develop your own products with a sovereign ”personality” made out of technical features, design and choice of materials and then you make sure that you stay outside the greyzone where doubtfulness about copying may occur. Or you do like Samsung, analyze which smartphone is the best on the market and then make sure to copy it, piece by piece – which obviously is what they have done. The goofs even emailed about this so that anyone can read about how their ”development process” was performed.

There will always be an amount of ”inspiration copying” in the overall development. But then it’s in a sound way. One sees how someone has solved a problem, sees how someone else has solved a similar problem and you melt it together to something new. That’s a common way to define creativity. If you follow the development och tech stuff from the beginning then you will naturally see that at certain type of solutions follow each other during the years. But when it’s done in a sound way, everyone makes their own interpretation, so to speak.

My first question is how Samsung could be as bold as they have been? My next question is how Samsung could be as stupid as they have been? I think they have burnt their candle in both ends. A lot of their products will get banned in US which is a considerable part of their market, they will have to pay more than $1 billion to Apple and they have nurtured a lot of developers who have been forced to specialize in copying in stead of innovation and at the same time they have became enemies with one of their biggest (if not THE biggest?) customer for electronical parts… Do you fancy buying a Samsung share? Well, I would not think so…

I wonder how many of Samsung’s devices that will get banned from the US market? How did they dare to take that risk? And yet you hear the choir of complainers go on about the verdict being a lose for the american people, it will reduce their options and the verdict will make it difficult for the developers. Oh, wow… Of course it should be difficult for the developers! Isn’t that part of the job as well as coming up with good solutions? What kind of lazy persons have done this ”copy-developing”? If they really want to make a difference then they should all be happy now when the border for what is allowed has found a perfectly clear contour which means they are forced to think in new ways. Think outside the box. In fact we can all cheer upon the fact that the world now can look forward to another type of development that might give bigger opportunities for developers to test real innovations so that we all can gain from the new ideas instead of the lame copying that used Apple as the motor.

Furthermore, Samsung is not the only one that is occupied with copying among the Android developers. Google has just been too tame by giving access to Android development. The believers have talked warmly about how fantastic and open and optional the Android world is compared to Apple. Of course it is when they can ran around like maniacs without showing any consideration to others… Add the fact that not even developers like to develop for Android because the android users don’t real like to pay for apps – they expect everything to be free. Iphone users however, like to pay. Apparently they appreciate the work that is behind the apps.

I expect Microsoft and Windows 8 to gain from this verdict. They have tried to develop a operating system with a sovereign ”personality”. Cred to Microsoft! Unfortunately it seems that Windows 8 is not so warmly welcomed, but I keep my fingers crossed to make sure they go on and make it better.

Because, I don’t think that the world gets any better if Apple are the only ones being innovative. Apple could also become lazy. To see other’s good solutions gives you energy to perform better. I am glad that the verdict made the rules clear. Let’s all be happy!

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