The unboxing magic

We love Apple in my house. That’s why it’s a holy moment every time we unbox a new Apple device. We open the box carefully, admires the clever way the package is done and we enjoys it.

The video below is quite the opposite but of course, it’s not Apple… Oh my… they really need to work more on the box.

I have the pleasure to coach an old lady in how to use her iPad. I had quite an unboxing experience with her. She doesn’t live in the ”Apple context” like I do. She doesn’t know all that about design, elegance, beauty, form and function. To her this iPad is just yet another item to own. It was a healthy experience to watch her unbox her iPad. She took off the lid and in the second when I expected her to carefully lift the little plastic tab on the side, she just flipped the whole box and the iPad popped out in a blink of an eye. Wow!

I was shocked. But it was funny! Old folks doesn’t have enough time to spend on non-essentials.

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