Dancing on the Ringmur/City wall

Tonight we went to Visby to see Dancing on the Ringmur. The show is part of a project that is a cooperation between Länsteatern Gotland and NUKU in Estonia. It’s based on the reality for youth on Gotland and in Estonia, uses the city wall as a symbol and positions Gotland in the world.

When we arrived there weren’t many in the audience, but with some magic there suddenly were a lot of people when the show started. Fantastic!

In the first seen they danced dressed in black hoods. They disappeared on this photo – it almost looks like some sheer ghosts dancing on the scene!

The performance asked questions about walls and pouted out that we want to become 65.000 inhabitants on Gotland and at the same time a lot of refugees need somewhere to live.

They also told the true story about Zack, a muslim boy that is a refugee from Somalia and Marva, a christian girl from Iraq and how they fell in love with each other.

All together a strong performance with real anchoring in the youth’s reality. Solid.

Congratulations Tallin – the performance comes to you the 24th May! I hope we will get more cultural projects to build bridges over the water.

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