Gangvide Energy Boost

Today we visited the Energy Expo at Gangvide Farm. I haven’t been there for a while. During a period I used to be there all the time, running around with my camera, working. Now it was fun to visit and see everything that is new since the last time I was there – it was quite a lot! You can click on the images if you want to see them as a slide show!

They have boats with electric motors at Gangvide. With those you can travel silently along the När River all the way to the sea. It’s great if you are interested in birds. But with this boat it’s a bit different. Per’s theory is that with a boat like this you can focus on a bird at a big distance and then go there in very high speed and surprise the bird so much that it forgets to get scared and hide… Well, let’s see if any ornithologist goes for that idea?

I wonder, what expired in Florida 1989? Maybe this boat is like a refugee, running away from the authorities in Florida?

There was a lot of exhibitors at Gangvide today and the farm is a good place for expos. I hope this Energy Expo will become a tradition. This is Kickan discussing with energy about energy!

This big tractor is imported from USA. The carriage costed as much as the tractor. Per is a crazy man collecting lots of nostalgic stuff! But hey, Roine is pointing at something?

The most cool thing about this tractor is this pistol! Oh My God! I wonder what caused the need of a pistol? Crows or coyotes?

Patrik and Rune were two of the visitors.

Demonstrating lightbulbs with different qualities. It almost looks like magic.

Switch to low-energy light bulbs and save the ice bears! This picture was projected on the wall.

A lot of people (well, a lot to be at the countryside a Saturday in April) listened to this expert talking about solar energy. I think more people should use solar energy on Gotland!

Nostalgia at Gangvide

If you visit Gangvide Farm, make sure that you go inside this building and look at all the nostalgic items that they keep here. This kind of thermoses is from my childhood. My dad used to have them.

This lemon squeezer has a handle. Very practical?

This is what music looked like when I was a kid. Amazing. These EP:s got dusty and scratchy. You had to get tools to take care of them…

You could keep your EP:s like this. Very nice illustrations and patterns on the cover!

Naturally they have Elvis-drapes at Gangvide.

This hangers are so cute!

My cousin Annika used to decorate cans with plastic ribbons like this.

When I was about 14-15 we got this ”Rigoletto-bottles” made of plastic with cardboard on the outside.

This building has three floors. On the first one you find nostalgic items. On the second floors you can have a party and use this little scene. The top floor is a cinema.

In the big garage they have a rock scene! Cool! (Well, on this pic there is a screen in front of it, so use your imagination and get rid of the screen then!)

Birds at Gangvide

There are a lot of interesting birds at Gangvide Farm. This is Mr Goose.

Mr Rooster and Mrs Hen. I especially like his green feathers.

Runner Ducks looks really funny. They look like running bottles if you ask me. Don’t tell the ducks that I said that…

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