Gotland is second best at Facebook in Sweden!

This blog is really not writing itself. Somehow I doesn’t seem to get the right angle. What can I write about from my small part of the world that might interest people all over the world? Let’s give it a try. Again.

I read an article about Facebook and how common it is in different parts of Sweden and of course Stockholm is the most facebook active part. But, to my surprise Gotland got the second place. That is interesting. How come an island with 57 000 inhabitants can embrace a social media tool like Facebook?

Historically Gotland has tried the new technical solutions early. Like train, television and today actually 4G-network for cellphones. Maybe the gotlandish people feel that we have to accept new solutions early to balance the fact that we live in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Surviving skills.

Another fact is that we are only 57 000 persons living here and maybe it sometimes can be like belonging to a big club and when something gets popular, it can get popular really fast in a close group. When you get the feeling that ”everyone” is doing a certain thing, your need to do the same increases.

Living on Gotland also means that you rather easily can get in touch with politicians and other important persons. Some of these persons joined Facebook rather early and found new ways to connect with people. I think that was a very smart move that have made all the participating politicians more human and less political. The distance between VIP and ordinary people is shorter on Gotland and gets even shorter with Facebook.

In the old days one talked about things we read in the paper, but nowadays when I meet people we talk about things we read in Facebook. We are more up to date with the small stuff that is happening in our facebookbuddies daily life. I think that is good. It makes us feel more alike. To read about ordinary things that people do, like feeding the cat or playing football with your kid gives a balance to all the glamour-articles and scandals with famous people. We are getting bored by traditional media and their stereotype way to report about our world. Facebook gives us an ordinary relief.

Even so, some articles are still worth reading. This article in New York Times, about Gotland, for example!

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